Dedication and discovery: navigating the online Oxford Venture Series

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Participating in the online Oxford Ventures Series, offered by the University of Oxford's Saïd Business School, has been an incredible journey of learning and growth. As a lawyer, immersing myself in diverse contexts is essential for offering good advice. This programme has enriched my perspective and challenged me to think critically. In this blog, I'll delve into its structure and the personal-professional growth it fostered.


Overview of the programme

The Oxford Ventures Series is an in-depth, online executive education programme aimed at providing participants with advanced expertise in entrepreneurship and venture finance. I am currently engaged in the third part of the series, the Oxford Entrepreneurship: Venture Creation Programme. The series, extending over several months, integrates online lectures, live sessions, guest speakers and assignments for a holistic learning journey.

Completing each part of the series while living in different cities - London, Bratislava and now Copenhagen - has added a rich layer to my understanding. For me personally, each location presented its own challenges and opportunities for growth, but because the programme maintained consistency and interest throughout, and gave a clear overview of what to expect, I was able to easily plan my learning time.

Learning experience

The learning experience in the Oxford Ventures Series has been amazing. The programme features a mix of pre-recorded lectures, live sessions with industry experts and interactive assignments. The teachers and supporting staff were highly knowledgeable, creating a great environment for learning.


Interacting with other participants was a highlight. Despite the programme being conducted online, we formed a vibrant community and exchanged insights. The diversity of the programme, with participants from different professional backgrounds and geographical locations, enriched the discussions and broadened my perspective.

Adapting to the online learning environment had its challenges. Maintaining motivation and staying disciplined required setting a structured schedule and creating a dedicated study space. 

Engaging with programme materials regularly and participating actively in discussions helped me stay on track and make the most of the programme.

Personal growth

This programme has been instrumental in my personal and professional development. It has equipped me with new skills and knowledge that I plan to apply in my career. From conceptualising and stress-testing new business models to scaling existing ventures and refining decision-making frameworks, the tools I acquired are invaluable.

Balancing the demands of the programme with my professional responsibilities has enhanced my time management and organisational skills.

Challenges and lessons learned

The journey was not without its challenges. Balancing a demanding job, intensive study sessions, and adjusting to new cities required a high level of commitment and flexibility, teaching me valuable lessons in prioritisation and perseverance.

Staying engaged in an online setting, especially when juggling work commitments, was particularly challenging. I learned the importance of creating a supportive network, both within the programme and in my personal life, to stay motivated and focused.


My best investment

Participating in the Oxford Ventures Series has been a transformative experience. The knowledge and skills I have gained are not only applicable to my role as a lawyer but also extend to my broader professional and personal life. I consider it my best investment, both financially and in terms of time.

For those considering a similar programme, my advice is to embrace the experience fully and be open to the learning opportunities. Stepping out of your comfort zone and immersing yourself in diverse contexts can significantly enhance your learning journey. It is worth it.

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