Considering the Laidlaw Scholarship? My advice to Oxford MBA applicants

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I came to Saïd Business School to learn about social impact and business at a global level, but found a lot more.

Yes, the Oxford MBA has given me the opportunity to see innovative approaches to social problems and new perspectives to business challenges, especially by sharing experiences with my impressively international peers. But more than that, it brought me personal growth, requiring adaptability, discipline, self-awareness and organization.

Yes, the Oxford MBA has increased my networking by offering countless events opportunities and connecting me to 64 nationalities. However, it also allowed me to make brilliant and supportive friends, who made this journey a lot more special.

Yes, the Oxford MBA has enabled me to reflect on my career, learn and build skills in class and in extracurricular activities. In addition, it introduced me to a historic world-class university with a unique student experience I never imagined possible.

For that and many other reasons, I am very grateful for the opportunity to do this MBA, which was only possible because of the Laidlaw Foundation and Saïd Business School.

The Laidlaw Scholarship is a great recognition and incentive for women who pursue business and leadership roles, incentivizing us to be in those spaces and showing society that this is needed.

For those interested in the MBA and scholarships, my recommendations are:

  1. Take some time for self-awareness: think about your story, your motivations, your goals, and why the MBA would help you on this path.
  2. Be confident and careful not to downplay your achievements, but also humble to admit what you could learn and gain from the program.
  3. Ask for feedback about your essay and make sure you are telling your story in an authentic way, addressing the program requirements, and showing clear examples of your skills and achievements.

Each application and experience is unique, but I am certain that Saïd Business School and Oxford University will provide good professional and personal surprises for everyone, as they did for me.

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