My advice to incoming MBA students

2 minute read

This week marks the end of Michaelmas term at Oxford University. Candidly, to reflect for too long on this past term, gives me both a sense of overwhelming happiness and pride. As I look back on the adventures and learnings, I experienced more than I actually thought was possible. These experiences included:

  • Getting to know most of the members of my 355-person cohort – whether that be in classrooms, common room chats, happy hours or dinners.
  • Taking courses by world-renowned professors who are subject-matter experts in their fields.
  • Successfully finishing core courses despite some being my historically weakest subjects (Accounting and Business Finance).
  • Travelling across Europe with classmates, often on top of full course loads.

If I had to give an incoming Oxford MBA student advice, here are my takeaways:

  • Your time is your most valuable resource – use it wisely. The people you connect with, the classes you take, the extracurriculars you do, and the trips you go on will be some of the most formative parts of your experience. So be intentional about how you spend your time.
  • Push yourself outside your comfort zone. An MBA is an opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds than you, attend events, and learn topics that will enrich your professional as well as personal life.
  • Figure out what you really want. An MBA gives you (some) space to take a step back and reflect on your career thus far, and where you want to go moving forward. Take advantage of that opportunity before diving straight in again.

Looking forward, I am excited about what is coming in Hilary term. GOTO (Global Opportunities and Threats: Oxford), Impact Lab, the launch of the Oxford LatAm club, and more! Onwards and upwards!