Why am I doing an Oxford MBA?

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I will never forget the thrill of the moment I received the offer letter from the Oxford MBA program. Ever since my undergrad exchange program, doing a master’s degree in a historical European city has been my to-do in life. The excitement to be part of the world’s oldest, most prestigious university is beyond description. And I cannot wait to immerse myself in this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

A bit of self-introduction. I grew up in Hong Kong which stands out for its unique cityscape, the mix of different cultures, and the people who never settle with their status quo. My hometown’s wide range of captivating architecture draws me to observe their design details and the intellectual quest for the reason behind them. I grew up playing in a Chinese Orchestra and loving classical music. The Orchestra experience made me realize the nature of collaboration - 1+1 can be bigger or smaller than 2, depending on how the team was conducted and members aligned with each other. My enthusiasm for architecture and curiosity about how to make 1+1>2 is what drew me to a real estate project management career.

As a project manager, I am in a people business where I push the project forward by aligning the needs and reconciling the perspectives of different team players. My job is also very dynamic - no two days are the same in a project as new progress and challenges come together simultaneously. I have much pleasure working in this role and gaining new angles and experiences every day. With much enthusiasm, I started my real estate consultancy called Camino Developments: a name that represents our objective to partner with clients to find pathways for progression.

My eagerness for personal growth grew when I engaged in more complex assignments and green building projects. I hope to develop my financial knowledge, a crucial factor driving real estate investments. Also, my work inspired me to that optimizing real estate - the medium of most human activities - is pivotal in resolving the global challenges of climate change. I want to explore the overlapping among real estate, finance, and sustainability and eventually contribute my effort to channel capital to empower more sustainable building projects.

The Oxford MBA is an excellent place for my pursuit because of its diverse student backgrounds and the many courses and co-curriculars that emphasize resolving global challenges with creative solutions. Also, the wider Oxford ecosystem is home to a wide range of excellent scholars with whom I can exchange ideas. Just in the launch week, I have had numerous inspiring conversations with intellectual schoolmates in setting ranging from lectures to pub nights. It is truly an experience of a kind to join the Oxford community which has a strong culture of exchanging and challenging ideas constructively. I look forward to taking part in the various programs and encountering more talents in the coming academic year!

Since you are reading this blog, I have enough reason to know you have certain knowledge about an MBA - what it is, what it requires, and what it will bring you. Part of the process could be daunting (I will tell you how many times I had taken GMAT and what happened in between), but most of it is enjoyable. I am grateful that the MBA application has prompted me to reflect on my previous trajectory and crystallize what I want to do next. If you are applying for an MBA, make sure you get the best out of this process and vividly tell your story. This is the key to getting into your dream school.

Thinking of getting an MBA? Or interested to know more about life in Oxford? Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and let me tell you more!

Until next time.

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