Here I am…

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Last year, I embarked on a transformational journey. What I didn’t know at that time was that this journey would broaden my horizons and bring with it a new level of self-realisation.

On a foggy San Francisco morning in March 2023, I received an email invitation to discuss the Oxford Executive Diploma in Organisational Leadership - a specialised postgraduate, master’s level qualification awarded by the University of Oxford. In the weeks prior, I had been exploring options to study a diploma or MBA and there was just one place I wanted to be - Oxford.

I was very excited and a bit surprised to receive this email. I had looked up the programme on the School’s website many times and then politely closed the tab. Every. Single. Time. Me and Oxford? The land of Einstein, Hawking, J R R Tolkien, Margaret Thatcher, among others? It was a dream. It was all linked to my aspirations and inspirations, not reality.

Alongside waves of self-doubt over the months that followed, there was something else I was losing sleep over. No, not my two-year-old or my 16-hour work days - something special. An idea. Now, I have had my share of ideas before; one being where a coffee machine could greet me every morning, know exactly how I feel and adjust how strong my coffee should be based on my facial expression. But, this idea, this was special. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and I couldn’t shake it off. It followed me everywhere and I felt so happy when I spent time reflecting on it.

However, yet again, I had that same feeling. Me? An entrepreneur? It’s a dream reserved for the likes of Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Reid Hoffman, the list goes on. It was all linked to aspirations and inspirations, not reality.

As I grappled with impostor syndrome, I had several decisions to make - should I leave my high-paying tech job amidst industry-wide layoffs? Should I get uncomfortable? Should I risk my future losing an income living in San Francisco? Will I be successful? What if I can’t keep up? What if it's all too much?

And the most important question - what if these dreams could become a reality?

Here I am... I made the decision to apply to my dream university. Once I got accepted, it elevated my confidence to quit my job and pursue the path to entrepreneurship.

Today, I am studying the Executive Diploma in Organisational Leadership at Oxford, learning with smart and inspirational people from all over the world. Today, I am associated with the prestigious Menlo Fellows program at Menlo VC, working on my idea with the smartest and most inspirational people in the valley.

Here I am! 

Oxford Executive Diploma in Organisational Leadership