A key to the unknown world

3 minute read

Studying at a world-famous university has been my lifetime dream since my childhood. After 40 years of perseverance, that moment when I got this incomparably precious onboard ticket, I felt my entire life was worth living!

Why do you choose to study at Saïd Business School, Oxford, in the middle age of your life or at the turning point of your career path? For some people, the idea is to put the Oxford logo after their name to gain their personal branding; for others, there is a deep-rooted internal reason, proving yourself to the people around you. As a matter of fact, it's essential to think about our motivations because the strength of motivation will dictate how much effort we will put in and what we get out of the study time at Oxford Saïd. A degree from Oxford doesn't mean we will be CEOs and start a luxurious life once we graduate. For me, it's a kind of experience and a life-chance opportunity; it's a key to an unknown world I never could have imagined and expected before.

Apart from some modules learned in all business school classrooms, like risk control, stakeholder impact, systems thinking - the academic parts of an MSc in Major Programme Management degree. At Oxford Saïd, there still are hundreds of labs, programs, and activities for us to investigate on campus. eg financial and investment model study, entrepreneurship program, Oxford Union, leadership leverage, career path transformation conversation, network expansion. We should keep a clear mind about where we want to move on and accelerate. Each individual should think deeply about what is significant to our critical career path. Then give up some other attractive opportunities with pain in your limited Oxford study period. No matter how much you are eager to absorb the ocean of knowledge here, what a pity is we can't take all the Oxford libraries and labs back home when we graduate.

The most notable feeling related to the program, is the professors at Oxford Saïd are not just talking about some deep or complex theory here. I can really recognize that every word they say shows that they have actually done some real projects before, and then come back to discuss tough problems we've encountered in our work life. They help us settle our practical issues and dead loops in our daily life. Indeed, the program teaching and questions in the classroom just hit the bottleneck and the key point of our career path.

It was destined to be a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience. In addition to making new friends in different industries worldwide, what makes me more excited is that the change of vision makes me feel that there are infinite possibilities to explore and build my future. The tragedy of life doesn't lie in not reaching our goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach. May we find creative new treasures in our life because of a mindset change. Full of hope toward a vigorous and energetic future is born from the bottom of our hearts, feeling a boundless sea for us to dive into and an unlimited sky to hover freely.

MSc in Major Programme Management