First week, first impressions

2 minute read

Just back from my first Oxford Executive Diploma in Financial Strategy module with new friends, new perspectives and new skills! Here’s my take on how returning to university will benefit me…

Breathing new life into my career: outdated skills can end the most promising of careers. No matter what your age, knowledge is king, and embarking on fresh learning cycles is a key part of maintaining success in the new digital workforce.

Networking: it’s a great place to meet people who want to meet you back! My classmates’ companies ranged from global heavy hitters through to one-person enterprises, all of us linked by the desire for self-improvement. Bringing such professionals into the classroom is throwing up fascinating insights and perspectives that I simply would not have encountered anywhere else.

Finish what you started: I was a pretty poor student the first time around, but I’m now more mature, motivated, and determined to do things right. In addition, my teenage years were dominated by my parents’ divorce, and coping with this came well ahead of scoring top grades. 

Winning a scholarship was therefore extra special for me, making up for potential that I couldn’t fulfil back then. So, if you’re thinking of going to study, don’t hesitate! The benefits are already kicking in, and I’m enjoying every second!

This blog has been reposted by Oxford Saïd, with thanks to Fyona.