A unique personal and professional experience of learning

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I chose the programme at Saïd Business School for its exceptional reputation and academic excellence.

Oxford is renowned worldwide for its distinguished faculty, rigorous curriculum and commitment to fostering critical thinking. The school's emphasis on practical learning and global perspective aligned perfectly with my career aspirations.

The programme stood out from other options due to its comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach. It offered a unique blend of theoretical frameworks, case studies and hands-on experiential learning opportunities. The programme's focus on fostering a global mindset and developing strategic thinking skills provided a competitive edge in today's rapidly changing business landscape.

I entered the programme with high expectations, looking for becoming a better person and professional than I was when I started. I anticipated gaining a better perspective on how to work on my weaknesses and enhance my strengths, in order to reap learnings and improve my process of negotiation, expanding my professional network, and acquiring practical tools to navigate complex challenges. Additionally, I hoped to broaden my perspectives and develop a more strategic mindset, enabling me to make a tangible impact in my organisation.

The programme not only met but surpassed my expectations. The curriculum was intellectually stimulating, offering a comprehensive understanding of diverse scenarios in terms of negotiations. The faculty's expertise and ability to connect theoretical concepts with real-world applications were truly exceptional, creating a transformative learning environment.

The most useful parts of the programme were the case study analyses and group projects. These provided opportunities to apply theoretical frameworks to real-life business scenarios, fostering critical thinking, problem-solving and collaboration skills. Additionally, the guest lectures exposed us to diverse perspectives, enriching our understanding of how to achieve effective and successful negotiations.

The programme presented several challenges, particularly the rigorous workload and time management. Balancing coursework, team projects, and personal commitments required discipline and effective prioritisation. Additionally, the programme's intensive nature demanded adaptability and resilience to thrive in high-pressure situations. However, these challenges ultimately strengthened my ability to perform under demanding circumstances.

Undertaking the programme has had a transformative impact on both my personal and professional life. It broadened my perspectives, refined my analytical capability, and deepened my understanding in the way of doing negotiations. It equipped me with a holistic toolkit, enabling me to navigate complex challenges and seize emerging opportunities.

I actively apply the experiences and lessons learned from the programme in my day-to-day work. I leverage the strategic frameworks to identify growth opportunities. The emphasis on effective communication and collaboration has enhanced my ability to lead diverse teams and foster a culture of excellence.

Having completed the programme, I approach challenges and opportunities with a more strategic mindset. I now prioritize critical thinking, long-term vision important stakeholders and prior and effective preparation for the negotiation process, in my decision-making process.

To those considering one of the programmes at Saïd Business School, I wholeheartedly encourage the experience. The programme offers a unique blend of academic rigour, practical relevance, and great exposure to the cultural diversity of the class, as in my case, we had more than 21 different nationalities during the programme.

The distinguished faculty, diverse peer group, and extensive alumni network provide invaluable resources and support for personal and professional growth. Prepare yourself for a transformative journey that will equip you with the skills, insights and network necessary to excel today in negotiation scenarios, which are present at all times, on larger or smaller scales, but always in our routine, personal or professional.

One word to describe my experience: transformative.

My experience at Oxford was truly transformative. The programme empowered me with new knowledge, perspectives, and capabilities, enabling me to reach new heights in my career. The transformative nature continues to shape my professional journey and personal growth.

In conclusion, choosing the programme at Saïd Business School was a transformative decision that has had a lasting impact on my personal and professional journey. I continue to apply the knowledge and experiences gained, embracing a strategic mindset in my negotiation process, and making a tangible impact in my organisation. I wholeheartedly recommend the Programme on Negotiation to aspiring business leaders seeking a truly transformative educational experience.

Oxford Programme on Negotiation