Empowered leadership: mindful action and the impact of women in driving positive change

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Why Oxford?

Selecting Oxford's Women Transforming Leadership Programme was a straightforward decision for me. Having previously completed my MBA in London, I was in search of an educational environment that resonated with my values, equipped me with essential tools, and provided access to a global community. Oxford's pioneering role in championing the cause of women in leadership made it an ideal choice, even back in 2013 when such initiatives were rare. The prospect of collaborating with talented women from around the world, discussing high-level challenges, and collectively strategising for action was awe-inspiring.

While the programme has evolved significantly since my initial engagement in 2013, it's core essence remains unwavering. Oxford's enduring commitment to diversity and inclusion is evident in the dedicated team members who continue to support our community. Together, we tackle complex issues, celebrate personal and collective achievements, and freely share knowledge, all driven by a common objective of success.


Reflecting on my diverse career since completing the programme, I've learned a profound lesson—skills are highly adaptable across industries. Reject the notion that your skills won't transition; they do, often with surprising ease. I've pragmatically applied learned models to diverse businesses and even forged my own, empowered by the confidence in my adaptability and enduring relevance. The Oxford alumni network serves as a valuable resource, readily available for support, guidance, and swift pivots when necessary.

I firmly believe that success is intricately tied to authenticity and unwavering alignment with one's moral compass. The Oxford network serves as a constant reminder that we are never alone in our professional journey. The challenges faced by women, regardless of their backgrounds or industries, are universally shared and bond us through our authentic experiences. Building and nurturing meaningful relationships, coupled with the willingness to engage in difficult conversations, is essential in both personal and professional life. It is a foundational principle that applies to careers as much as personal development.

Contributing to the Oxford community is a surefire way to ensure its continued vitality. As we unite around the true purpose of women transforming leadership, the diverse skills and perspectives within our community enrich our collective discourse. We listen attentively and act deliberately to bring about meaningful change. Together, we champion progress, foster learning, adapt to evolving landscapes, and place inclusivity at the core of our endeavours.

The impact of the skills obtained through this programme has been terrific in communicating the importance of inclusive attitudes and diversity of thought. It takes a strong leader to achieve this, requiring dedication to elevate ideas and stay with the chaos that diversity naturally brings. It is well worth it, as the business ideas are elevated, equating to results and an enhanced consumer experience. In my career, these methods have been particularly enlightening with women in emerging economies, and family and youth services and sustainability within manufacturing.

If you're considering the programme, I would advise, you to do it. The community that you forge and the alumni alone are worth it; let alone all the experiences, modelling, and academic learning that can be applied is beyond imagination. I found this programme to be humbling, inclusive, and empowering.

Women Transforming Leadership Programme