This is what living your best life looks like

3 minute read

I made it to Oxford. What a milestone. Here I am, finally starting my MBA degree. 

I have wanted to do an MBA since I was 15, so the journey leading me here has clearly been a long and eventful one. I was drawn to an MBA degree for the peer learning opportunities the programme offers. Throughout my life, peer learning has always been a key asset in my toolbox, mainly because of my complex identity.

Want to know the whole story? Alright, grab a snack and take notes. First, I was born in Guadeloupe, a French island in the Caribbean, to parents born in India. Fine, I was split between two cultures, easy enough to follow. But wait, there is more. I grew up in French Guiana, a part of France located between Brazil and Suriname.

Still with me? Let’s add another layer. I spent my teenage years in the Paris area, in one of the largest melting pots in Europe. So far, so good? Wait for it, here comes the final ingredient to confuse anyone asking me where I am from. As soon as I turned 18, I settled on my own in Montréal (Québec, Canada) and called it my home until coming to Oxford. There you have it: I am Montréaler, originally from France, raised in a creole culture, with an Indian-looking face.

Now, back to how peer learning helps me navigate through that complex identity of mine. Since, no matter where I go, I am never initially considered ‘from here’, my peers always provide me with a better understanding of each environment I set foot in. 

Over the years, I have lived, studied, worked, and volunteered alongside incredible and diverse people, with backgrounds as uncommon as mine. 

Learning about their paths and exchanging about their realities contributed to building my diverse thinking, and opened my views about the world we live in. Ultimately, learning from others enabled me to make any place my home.

The Oxford MBA takes it all to another level. With 350+ classmates from 71 countries, let’s say my peer learning opportunities skyrocketed quite a bit in the past few weeks. 

Most of all, Oxford offers every student a colourful palette of individuals to build their crowd. Want to celebrate the Moon festival? The Asian community is here for you. Fancy celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving while in the UK? Folks from the Great White North have got your back. Feel like you could use a friendly neighbourhood vibe? That’s what your college family is for. In the mood for a deep discussion on the future of your industry? Co-curricular programmes and business networks are waiting for you.

The level of support at Oxford is almost overwhelming. I have only been here for a few weeks, yet I have never felt so welcome to express what I believe in, both from a personal and professional standpoint.

I find that kind of self-empowerment priceless, which makes me confident that this new home will provide me with everything I need to achieve my wildest dreams and ambitions. This is what living your best life must look like. Wow. I made it. I made it to Oxford.