A global perspective

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A decade of success

Throughout a transformative decade in the unique Miami real estate market, I've successfully managed an extensive portfolio of properties. Inevitably there have been fluctuations and changes within the properties under my charge, and this coupled with the desire to sustainably expand and improve my portfolio underscored the need for a broader knowledge base on my part. I considered various executive education programmes, however Saïd  Business School stood out for its unique, holistic approach to learning. My decision to join their Oxford Executive Real Estate Programme was influenced by three key aspects: its comprehensive curriculum, the reservoir of experienced advisors and the promise of a multicultural learning environment.

Armed with high expectations, I ventured into this journey hoping to gain a wealth of knowledge, engage with peers from across the globe and challenge both my academic and social perspectives.


In-depth investigation

The programmes 'open-door' policy was a standout feature for me, fostering an environment that encouraged open dialogue and shared insights. Industry leaders and experts complimented the faculty's academic prowess, each bringing their unique insights and perspectives, helping to ground abstract or academic concepts and make them relatable to industry life.

At the helm of the programme was Professor Andrew Baum, whose impressive expertise guided us in exploring a number of case studies. One case study that particularly resonated with me involved an in-depth analysis of a failed investment. This served as a potent reminder that in the real estate world, learning from failures is as critical as celebrating successes.

Early on, we were divided into diverse groups, each tasked with presenting an investment opportunity on the final day of the programme. This group assignment became a springboard for a host of engaging, enriching interactions, and a testament to the power of diverse collaboration. I had the privilege of being a part of a talented group that included professionals from around the world, each bringing unique insights from their careers and businesses. This diversity of perspectives enriched our approach to the task at hand. As we delved into our assignment, we found that our individual areas of expertise could effectively complement each other as well as the knowledge we'd gained from examining the case studies.


A world of perspectives

Taking part in the Programme has been a truly transformative experience for me. It’s provided me with a broader understanding of the real estate landscape, challenged my pre-existing beliefs and offered me the global outlook I had sought. The diverse cultural and professional backgrounds of my peers, along with their unique perspectives, made a strong impact on my professional outlook. Since the programme, I have maintained friendships with several members of my cohort. The ability to reach out and connect with them is invaluable. Sharing my challenges with a group of people who can bring fresh perspectives and guide me to a resolution is wonderful, and I owe this entirely to my time in Oxford. For me, the Oxford experience was not just about seeking knowledge; it was about exploring a world of perspectives that now inform and inspire my approach to real estate.


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