What you can expect from Michaelmas term on the Oxford MBA

3 minute read

Michaelmas term came and went in the blink of an eye. Any thoughts of a gradual introduction were quickly dismissed by a barrage of 313 fellow students who collectively were trying to find their feet in this new environment. Had it not been for the pre-course Zoom calls, the sheer number of introductions would have been overwhelming but fortunately for us, there was plenty of time for everyone to get to know each other.

Fast forward three months and it already feels like a year’s worth of memories and content has been packed into just one semester. With everything from Oxford Business Networks (OBNs), Impact projects, to a host of entrepreneurial-based competitions, one can easily be overwhelmed at the sheer number of commitments. A typical day might consist of a full day’s lectures, with subject matter ranging from the application of mental models on organizational behavior, to in-class competitions to see who can create the most unique advertising campaign using the latest AI software. Of course, there are the mandatory coffee breaks.

Despite the approaching evening (which comes way too early in my opinion), you might find yourself rushing out to fetch formal attire for a Finance Lab session, or off to the Oxford Union to witness talks from the likes of A$AP Rocky, or the natural wit and verbal acumen of Stephen Fry. Time it right, and you might catch a debate on 'Ethical Capitalism', or whether, 'Humanity Should Populate Mars'.

With the day seemingly done, it could be time to call it a night and turn in for a good pub dinner before heading home. For others, it is time to put on the tri-suit and head to rowing, or to lace up the rugby boots up and head to Australian rules football practice. From what I have heard, try avoiding ice hockey as practice only starts at midnight. The sheer number of sports on offer is astounding, but not close to the sheer number of societies. As with the time constraints, you can’t do all of them, so you’ll have to choose between the Quantum Information Society, the Economics Society, or maybe you’re figuring out which Hogwarts house you belong to in the Harry Potter Society.

You may not experience everything the university has to offer, but if you wanted to, there is more than enough on offer for you to give it a good try. Saïd Business School alone offers opportunities not just for piquing one’s interest but helping to assist in many facets of a student’s career growth. My personal favorites have been the Africa Business Alliance and the MBA-run Future of Business podcast, while the Climate OBN consistently keeps the class up to speed with the latest developments. But despite all this, the most important thing I have learnt to cherish is that a good night’s sleep is your most valuable asset, for tomorrow there will always be new opportunities awaiting. Oh no, I forgot to do my readings.

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