Building beyond today

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After completing my master's studies in architecture and engineering, I co-founded 'od-do architecture', a company driven by a holistic approach to architecture and real estate development. However, I soon realised that my profession extended far beyond the realm of architecture. The world of real estate, an ever-changing and evolving space, demanded a broader perspective - one that encompassed historical, social, financial, environmental and global viewpoints. With a desire to understand these aspects and shape a better future, I chose to enrol in the Oxford Real Estate Programme at Saïd Business School.

A comprehensive approach to learning

The Oxford Real Estate Programme proved to be a transformative experience, igniting personal and professional growth. Guided by a thought-provoking case study methodology, the programme presented practical examples that seamlessly bridged the gap between theory and real-world application. Each case offered a window into diverse global situations, unveiling valuable insights into past occurrences and ongoing developments. Accompanied by expert lectures that shed light on the ever-evolving industry, this approach enabled me to connect the dots between the past and the present, equipping me with the knowledge and tools necessary for future success.

A cohort of inspiration

One of the programme's greatest strengths was its diverse cohort. Comprising 40 individuals from various backgrounds and industries, each bringing a unique perspective to the table. Engaging discussions became the normal, fuelling our intellectual curiosity and propelling us to explore new concepts even beyond the classroom, finding a natural continuation in the charming pubs of Oxford, cementing friendships that will undoubtedly endure.

Overcoming challenges, embracing growth

Carefully curated materials and a supportive classroom environment encouraged active participation, creating an inclusive space where questions were welcomed, and solutions were explored together. Additionally, breakout room exercises provided hands-on experience, allowing us to apply our newfound knowledge to real-life scenarios. Overcoming these challenges not only expanded my understanding but also instilled a sense of confidence in my abilities.

Championing sustainability

Sustainability lies at the heart of my professional focus, and the programme reinforced the importance of integrating sustainable practices into every aspect of our work. The lectures and coursework emphasised emerging ESG (environmental, social and governance) trends and future guidelines, showcasing sustainability as a vital business strategy. Witnessing successful sustainable projects come to fruition inspired me to place sustainability at the core of our company's mission. Today, we strive to create resilient real estate solutions that benefit both our environment and our client’s needs.

A breath of fresh air

Describing the programme is like capturing the essence of a refreshing breeze that invigorates and propels you forward. This programme cultivates a vibrant sense of community, providing invaluable opportunities to attend enriching lectures, forge connections with fellow alumni and engage with the Oxford Business Alumni network. Within this supportive network, collaboration and personal growth thrives. It serves as a guiding force, enabling individuals to navigate their professional journeys with confidence and embrace new possibilities.

My journey at the Oxford Real Estate Programme was eye opening. Through its comprehensive approach, diverse cohort and emphasis on sustainability, I gained invaluable knowledge and forged lasting connections. The lessons learnt and the relationships formed during this programme will undoubtedly shape my professional trajectory and contribute to building a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.

Oxford Real Estate Programme