Family roots, global wings: my MBA journey at Oxford Saïd

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Embarking on an MBA journey as the next-generation leader of a family business is a unique and transformative experience, especially when one is enrolled at an institution as diverse and inclusive as Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford. At Oxford Saïd, I find myself immersed in a melting pot of cultures and perspectives, engaging with peers from nearly 70 countries. This experience is a far cry from the homogenous backgrounds often found in business schools, dominated by investment bankers and consultants. The rich tapestry of experiences at Oxford Saïd fosters an environment where I, as a young strategic leader, can absorb different perspectives that serve as catalysts for innovative thought and action within the Radha Group.

The Radha Group, a multi-business conglomerate, demands not just my attention but also my ability to reinvent and adapt. The MBA program is pivotal in unveiling the blinders and tunnel vision that years of operating in a familiar environment can create. It equips me with tangible skills and fresh ideas that I can weave directly into the fabric of our enterprise. This program isn't just academic; it's a practical workshop where every interaction and discussion can lead to a breakthrough in how we do business.

One of the most enriching aspects of the MBA has been the peer learning experiences, particularly with my study group. It's akin to a world tour, with members hailing from Japan, Nigeria, Lebanon, Italy, Australia, and myself from India. Our dinner meetings are a fascinating blend of cultural exchange and intellectual discourse, providing a microcosm of the global business landscape within which the Radha Group operates.

The diversity of the cohort at Oxford Saïd has been invaluable in evolving my work style. It's not just about learning new theories or strategic frameworks; it's about seeing them applied through the lens of different cultures and industries. This has been incredibly inspiring, especially when interacting with other family business members at Oxford Saïd. We share a common journey of learning and innovation, striving to transform and lead our businesses into the future.

My time here is helping me identify gaps in my skillset and bridge them through courses and events, but most significantly, through student interaction and peer learning. The MBA is not a pause from the real world; it's an active, engaging bridge to the next phase of our business's growth.

This transformative journey is built on a foundation laid by previous educational pursuits—an executive master's from the Indian School of Business, a bachelor's degree in Management from Indiana University Bloomington, and executive courses at Kellogg School of Management and IE Business School. These experiences, combined with practical stints at global corporations like Uber and Coca-Cola, have shaped a comprehensive view of business that is both broad and deep.

As a third-generation executive of the Radha Group, my commitment goes beyond maintaining the status quo. It's about pushing boundaries, whether that's in our core industries of steel manufacturing and construction or exploring new ventures in consumer goods and emerging markets. My vision for the Radha Group is to be recognized not just for our financial success but as a beacon of innovation and excellence.

At Oxford Saïd, the ethos of continuous learning resonates with my personal journey. As a triple black belt martial artist, I understand the values of focus, determination, and persistence. These values are interwoven into my approach to both life and business, driving me to pursue perfection and excellence relentlessly.

The MBA journey at the Saïd Business School is more than an educational experience; it’s a crucible for transformation. It’s where tradition meets innovation, where learning meets application, and where the next generation of family business leaders like myself are forged, ready to lead our enterprises into a future defined by global leadership and resilient innovation.

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