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As a professional consultant, I have always kept my knowledge and skills up to date. I chose the Oxford Artificial Intelligence Programme because of its reputation for excellence and focus on AI from a non-programming perspective, in particular, its coverage of the emerging need for AI governance. My goal was to deepen my understanding of the ethical and societal implications of AI, and to learn how to navigate the complex landscape of AI regulation. This is an area I have found clear demand for from my clients.

Overview of the programme

The AI programme was structured over several weeks and covered a range of topics, including the history and development of AI, its current applications and its potential future impact. The programme was delivered through a combination of online modules, live sessions and assignments, and I had the opportunity to interact with faculty and other participants from around the world which proved invaluable.


Learning experience

The learning experience was challenging but rewarding. The programme's faculty were knowledgeable and engaging, and the live sessions provided a forum for lively discussion and debate. I particularly appreciated the programme’s focus on real-world AI case studies, which helped to ground the theoretical concepts in practical examples. For my assignments, I looked at AI governance within the education sector as I am a school governor for a leading independent school in Yorkshire. 

Personal growth

Completing the programme has helped me to grow both personally and professionally. I have gained a deeper understanding of the ethical and societal implications of Artificial Intelligence, and I feel better equipped to navigate the complex landscape of AI governance. 

Since completing the programme, I have applied the knowledge and skills I have gained through the development of my new AI-focused website This has led to organisations approaching me who are interested in help managing the complex challenges of AI governance and risk. I am confident that the quality of the programme will help me to make more informed decisions about the use of AI and that I can help others navigate through this complex area.

Overall, I would highly recommend the programme to anyone with an interest in Artificial Intelligence from a leadership and management perspective. It provides a valuable opportunity to deepen your understanding of this important and rapidly evolving field. 

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