Welcome to Business: the next 25 years

Paul Polman explains why listening to academic expertise in future-gazing is crucial for successful leadership in an increasingly challenging world.

The next 25 years

In his video introduction, Paul Polman candidly describes how the next quarter of a century will demand business leaders take urgent action: 'We have arrived at a point where the cost of inaction is significantly higher than the cost of action. Infinite growth on a finite planet is not possible.

'Businesses need to make profit not from creating the world's problems, but profit from solving them.

It boils down to courageous leadership

'At this pivotal time where we need change and reset, we all recognise a new business model is critical if we are going to survive and thrive as a society. We need a business model that is more sustainable, more equitable, more inclusive and more multi-generational.

'The leaders of today and tomorrow need to be more purpose-driven and collaborative and to embrace multi-generational diversity. They must be able to handle complexity and be systemic thinkers who can plot a clear and focused action plan for the future. 

'This collection of insightful articles with our world-leading academics at Saïd Business School is not only useful but essential if we are to create the next generation of agile, brave, anticipatory leaders determined to build a better world for us all. I hope you enjoy their contributions.’