Transformational Healthcare Leadership: Sustainability in healthcare

‘Climate change and global warming is a result of not having the right sustainability practices.’

Eleanor Murray talks to Dr Rana Nabulsi

The climate crisis is one of the biggest challenges facing our planet and healthcare providers are often on the frontline dealing with its impact on our physical and mental health. However, the healthcare industry is also a major contributor to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (some reports put it as high as 4.6% of global GHG emissions.)

In our final episode of Transformational Healthcare Leadership we explore the leadership and collaboration needed in the sector to tackle the sustainability challenges with Dr Rana Nabulsi from the United Arab Emirates. Rana is the Head of Operations in Quality-Pathology and Genetics at the Dubai Health Authority with academic and medical credentials in both leadership and science. She is constantly looking to improve healthcare systems, reduce waste and deliver better value for money for all.

Eleanor Murray, Academic Director of the Oxford Healthcare Leadership Programme, picks up the microphone from Dr Mark O’Brien once again for this episode. She talks to Rana about her experience with benchmarking processes, costs and patient outcomes with other healthcare organisations. But as benchmarking is more challenging with sustainability, where best practice is still very embryonic, Rana says the ideal scenario is to keep comparing your data with the previous year's data to improve performance; and also, where possible, to look outside your own sector for insights from other industries where waste and emissions might be similar.

Genomics nowadays is transforming the healthcare by providing us far more detailed understanding of diseases' progression and prediction of diseases.

Throughout this podcast series healthcare leaders have shared with us how they are tackling the considerable disruptions and challenges their industry is facing. But they have also shared with us their excitement about the wave of innovations that the genomics, technological and data revolution will bring to healthcare, and ultimately improve patient outcomes. Rana like many of our previous interviewees sees so much potential to improve patient care and drive efficiencies with digital health technologies and innovation such as telemedicine, remote monitoring, wearable devices, AI, medical tech and no doubt many other innovations to come.   

Transformational Healthcare Leadership explores the five key themes of our Oxford Healthcare Leadership Programme:

  • the personal leadership journey
  • understanding the evolving environment
  • effective strategy formation
  • driving innovation
  • improving performance

Eleanor and Mark are the academic and programme directors of the Oxford Healthcare Leadership Programme respectively. They are bringing their combined experiences in leadership, healthcare and transformation to this new programme to help to foster the lasting change and innovation that today’s healthcare industry so desperately needs.