Transformation Leadership: Complex stakeholder management

'Inspirational leadership and tone of the top is crucial to land the messages.'

Transformation Leadership with Annick Tollenboom

In the fifth episode Andrew White from Saïd Business School and Adam Canwell from EY speak to Annick Tollenboom about complex stakeholder management. 

Annick is the Portfolio, Programmme and Change Management Director at Royal Canin, a global leader in pet science, health and nutrition. She is leading a transformation of operational business efficiencies and effectiveness in the organisation, which is a subsidiary of Mars Incorporated, so aligning your vision with the rest of the business and securing its buy-in is key.

Annick talks to Andrew and Adam about the role of a leader in creating a space where your team can deliver success. How do leaders show up in a way that allows other people to thrive in a complex and tough environment?


In 2021 Saïd Business School and EY formed a long-term research collaboration to find out why:

  • most transformations fail to deliver the value that organisations expect?
  • what should CEOs do when a transformation goes off track?

These questions have confounded companies around the world over for decades.


As an extension to this research project Andrew White and Adam Canwell at EY came together in this podcast series, Transformation Leadership2050, to explore the journey a number of global leaders and their workforce went through as they successfully led their organisations through significant change.

In this series Andrew and Adam focus on the specific area of turning points. These are those moments every organisation faces in a transformation which can lead to failure or create positive momentum and accelerate your business into the future. 96% of companies featured in Andrew and Adam’s research face them. Challenges are bound to hit but we don’t plan for them.