Tea Uglow: I don’t know

Rachel Botsman's Trust Issues: Episode 4


Tea Uglow doesn’t always know who she is. And she’s okay with that.

On paper, she’s the Director of Google’s Creative Lab in Sydney, helping cultural institutions around the world to push the boundaries of traditional practice. She is also, in her own words, 'proudly transgender, face blind and neurodivergent.'

Tea UglowIn this episode, Rachel and Tea catch up about their student days (when Tea was called Tom), the expectations we all feel around our identities and, crucially, why doubt and uncertainty give us the freedom to learn, to grow, to change – and to trust. 

  • Explore digital books, virtual reality theatre and interactive museum exhibits on Tea’s website.
  • Tea also writes beautifully about her perspective as a transgender woman; learn more about her journey here.
  • Curious to read more about Tea’s views on uncertainty? You can find it on Tea’s Medium page along with more of her exploratory writing.

'Embrace the certainty of uncertainty and work with it. No one really knows much after all.'