Space venturing, lessons learned and differences with other sectors


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The space sector is growing at an unprecedented pace.  Along with wealthy individuals and their ventures, thousands of new companies are competing for opportunities in the commercial space sector, working along with space agencies, governments, aerospace primes and seeking public and private funding to scale their operations.

In this panel we explore the relation between specificities of the space sector (e.g. intense technical infrastructural requirements, and immense expense with less evident opportunities and governance concerns) and traditional models of finance and growth:

  • What does current knowledge teach us about entrepreneurial founding and success?
  • Do traditional models, metrics and frameworks for entrepreneurship apply to the space sector?
  • What can we learn from the past and what are the prospects for the future?

Panel hosted by Robert Eberhart, Associate Director of Research on Entrepreneurship and Society, Stanford University.

With Alexander MacDonald, Chief Economist, NASA, Mike Lawton, Director and co-founder, Oxford Dynamics and Candace Johnson, Partner & Chair of Advisory Board, Seraphim Capital.