Reimagine: Economic reset

Economic Reset with Halla Tómasdóttir

"The pandemic pause has given us an awakening. Capitalism needs an upgrade. We need an inclusive economy that drives shared prosperity on a healthy planet.”   

We’re continuing our look at the big existential crises of this new decade, and what it will take to reimagine and reset our broken systems. In this episode, we’re talking global economic reset with the woman who was very nearly Iceland’s president, and is now leading a much bigger movement - Halla Tómasdóttir.

This is not your average discourse on economic reform that you might expect from a top CEO. Halla is such good company and she’s not afraid to bring the personal into the professional – in fact she actively encourages it.

So she chats to Peter about the perks of her imposter syndrome and the personal motivation behind her presidential campaign in her homeland, as well as the pitfalls of “hubris syndrome”, the “crisis of conformity” in leadership, and the need for feminine values to lead effectively in an entangled world.

Today she is the CEO and “chief change catalyst” of the B Team, a coalition of heavyweight business and civil society leaders working to shift the culture of accountability in business to include not only numbers and performance, but people and planet. She also co-chairs Imperative 21 and the Reset campaign, both of which advocate for radical reform of our economic systems.

As Peter concludes: “Halla is a special human.”

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Halla Tómasdóttir (@HallaTomas), CEO @thebteamhq



Peter Drobac (@peterdrobac), Director of the Skoll Centre.



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