Leadership2050: Technology with humanity

‘Leadership is all about driving change with empathy. Diversity and inclusion is possibly the biggest source of driving change and the source of our growth.’

Leadership2050: Andrew White and Amit Kapur

In episode 6 Andrew talks to Amit Kapur, the Head of UK and Ireland at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), about rethinking leadership.

TCS is one of the biggest technology companies in the world. It describes itself as a 'purpose-led organisation that is building a meaningful future through innovation, technology, and collective knowledge.'

Amit joined TCS as a graduate in 1999, and in 2019 became the Head of UK and Ireland. In his role he is at the forefront of rethinking leadership to include empathy and respect as core values.

In his conversation with Andrew he talks about his background, Tata’s human-centred philosophy and why diversity and inclusion are key drivers for growth and change

Leadership2050 is a podcast exploring the leadership we need to successfully transition to 2050. Who are the innovators setting the agenda for a more equal and sustainable future? In each episode Andrew talks to a visionary leader from the business community who is confronting the challenges humanity faces and finding solutions. 

Andrew's research and teaching focuses on how leaders transcend 21st century challenges such as disruptive technology change and the climate crisis. Also, how they create cultures that are diverse, inclusive, resilient and high performing, alongside the ongoing challenge of delivering profitable growth. At Saïd Business School he directs the Oxford Advanced Management and Leadership Programme, and works with leaders from industry and governments across the world.