Leadership2050: Reinventing the rules of the game

'Business leaders should know how to connect economic structures with human emotions.'

Leadership2050: Andrew White & Pinar Akiskalioglu

Pinar Akiskalioglu believes that business needs to be done differently and in this episode of Leadership2050 Andrew talks to Pinar about what business leadership of the future needs to look like.

Pinar believes the consumer is bombarded by too much choice which ultimately leads to dissatisfaction. Not only that, the manufacturing of too many products and focus on unnecessary innovation leads to plastic pollution and cheap formulas that are full of chemicals and a waste of money. For her the creation of a circular economy is a key solution against waste

She describes herself as a ‘business activist’ who is working hard to be the kind of business leader the world needs today. She is the founder of Punk Business School, and her portfolio of purpose-led and human-centred companies includes the sustainable beauty ‘anti-brand’ TAKK.


I’m accused of being too romantic for business. But business is about humans helping other humans.

Andrew talks to Pinar about running a business that discourages overconsumption, her revolutionary approach to business education, which puts emotions and values at its heart, and what leadership of the future needs to look like.

Leadership2050 is a podcast exploring the leadership we need to successfully transition to 2050. Who are the innovators setting the agenda for a more equal and sustainable future? In each episode Andrew talks to a visionary leader from the business community who is confronting the challenges humanity faces and finding solutions. 

Andrew's research and teaching focuses on how leaders transcend 21st century challenges such as disruptive technology change and the climate crisis. Also, how they create cultures that are diverse, inclusive, resilient and high performing, alongside the ongoing challenge of delivering profitable growth. At Saïd Business School he directs the Oxford Advanced Management and Leadership Programme, and works with leaders from industry and governments across the world.