Leadership 2050: Andrew White and David Katz

Leadership 2050 S1E3

'It’s win win or no deal'

In episode 3 Andrew talks to David Katz, founder and CEO of The Plastic Bank, about conscious capitalism and turning ocean plastic into money - his for-profit solution to plastic waste and poverty.

The Plastic Bank is a global network of micro recycling markets that empower the poor to transcend poverty by cleaning the environment. By reframing the problem of ocean plastic as an opportunity to create abundance for everyone, The Plastic Bank is clearing our seas of harmful plastic, turning it into money for the people who collect it, and recycling collected material into the global manufacturing supply chain. Partners include IBM, Shell Energy, SC Johnson, Aldi, Henkel and more.

David Katz is its visionary founder: 'The duty of a CEO to ensure that shareholders win at the expense of others has to change. We’re here now because of a win-lose philosophy. Win win or no deal is a regenerative idea. How might we get to a place where everything we buy helps society, helps the environment, helps the Earth?'

David talks to Andrew about having an abundance mindset, hiring for vulnerability and why profit does not need to come at the expense of people or planet.

Leadership 2050 is a podcast exploring the leadership we need to successfully transition to 2050. Who are the innovators setting the agenda for a more equal and sustainable future? In each episode Andrew White talks to a visionary leader from the business community who is confronting the challenges humanity faces and finding solutions.

Dr Andrew White is a Senior Fellow of Management Practice at Said Business School, University of Oxford. His research and teaching focuses on how leaders transcend 21st century challenges such as disruptive technology change and the climate crisis. Also, how they create cultures that are diverse, inclusive, resilient and high performing, alongside the ongoing challenge of delivering profitable growth. At Oxford he directs the Oxford Advanced Management and Leadership Programme, and works with leaders from industry and governments across the world. This has given him a deep understanding of how good leaders create value and bad leaders destroy it. Never before has this been so important.