How can businesses use AI responsibly?

Season 4, Episode 2

In this episode, Oxford Saïd’s Professor Andrew Stephen, Natalia Efremova, Francesca Mazzi and Felipe Thomaz discuss principles for responsible and ethical uses of AI in business, based on a new policy report from Oxford Saïd and the International Chamber of Commerce. Andrew discusses what this means for businesses using AI, with Yasmeen Ahmad the Vice President of Strategy at Teradata.


Professor Andrew StephenAssociate Dean of Research & L’Oréal Professor of Marketing, Saïd Business School. Andrew is one of the world’s leading academic marketing experts. He is a leading academic voice on the future of the marketing, media, and advertising industries

Yasmeen AhmadVice President of Strategy, TeradataYasmeen is a globally regarded data scientist and is currently Vice president of Strategy at Teradata

Natalia Eframova, Teradata Research Fellow in Marketing and AI, Saïd Business School. Dr Natalia Efremova's research focuses on applications of machine learning tools to marketing problems under the Oxford Future of Marketing Initiative.

Felipe Thomaz, Associate Professor of Marketing, Saïd Business School. Felipe's research focuses on empirically modelling marketing strategy issues. Currently, this research is leading to the incorporation of social networks into the understanding of black markets (digital or otherwise) and strategies developed to stunt their growth and proliferation