The future of recruitment


Join us Thursday 12 November 5-6pm GMT.

Covid-19 and the notion of Open Talent is transforming work and recruitment and impacting the workplace and hiring practices.

The transformation of work and recruitment has, arguably, been advanced by the impact of the pandemic. Experts and leaders from digital labour market platforms and the broader staffing industry will discuss what the future of recruitment looks like from this perspective. They will explore how digital transformation, the notion of Open Talent, and Covid-19 are impacting the modern workplace in relation to work and hiring practices. The format will be interactive and engaging and we will finish with some key takeaways for the audience.

Host: Eero Vaara, Professor in Organisations and Impact, Saïd Business School

ModeratorGretta Corporaal, Research Fellow and British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, Saïd Business School, Principal investigator of the Oxford iWork Project


  • Paul Estes, best selling author of the newly released book Gig Mindset, and leading industry expert in the open talent economy 
  • John Healy, Vice President and Managing Director at Office of the Future of Work, Kelly Services
  • Adam Ozimek, Chief Economist at Upwork
  • Michael Kearns, CEO at Virtasant
  • Janine Leger, On-demand Talent Offering Lead at Deloitte Pixel