Fearne Cotton: Vulnerability is not a weakness

Rachel Botsman's Trust Issues: Episode 5


How do we earn the trust of others?

Fearne CottonOver the last 20 years, TV audiences and radio listeners alike have taken Fearne Cotton into their hearts. As a music presenter on Radio 1 and now as the host of her own smash-hit podcast, Happy Place, Fearne has earned the trust of A-list celebrities, making them feel comfortable to open up about their lives.

Today, Fearne gets to be the interviewee, as Rachel chats with her about forming meaningful connections, sharing our vulnerabilities (both at work and at home) and why, no matter who we are, sometimes the biggest struggle is believing in ourselves.


'You don’t know that person that you’re going to interview. It’s only down to you and a very potent combination of feeling confident enough to go into that situation, but also being vulnerable enough to roll with the punches and see what happens.'