Entrepreneurship opportunities and jobs in the space industry

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‘There's never been a better time to start a business in space,’ said Josephine Millward, Head of Research, Seraphim Capital, during Oxford Saïd’s Smart Space broadcast on 21 May 2021. ‘For the first time in history we have the private sector leading financing and innovation, and the best part is that the government remains extremely supportive.’

The virtual event, focusing on entrepreneurship opportunities and jobs in the space industry, was hosted by Maria Zubeldia, Director of the Entrepreneurship Centre at Saïd Business School, and also featured Harriet Brettle, Head of Business Analysis, Astroscale, Joanna Hart, Harwell Space Cluster Development Manager, and Rafel Jorda, Founder and CEO, Open Cosmos. The panellists discussed where there was room for innovation and how entrepreneurs could embrace new business models to create a positive impact.

There is huge growth in demand for sustainability solutions

The space sector is moving away from a throwaway culture to thinking more sustainably about how to make the best use of satellites in orbit, providing in-orbit servicing, and clearing debris. In addition, challenges such as climate change can be addressed through using the geospatial data that can be obtained from satellites.

Collaboration in and beyond the space sector is vital

Space is rarely about one element or is rarely the only element in a solution, so it is important for entrepreneurs to find a range of business and other partners. Space capability needs to be combined with other elements to create a true solution to whatever problems they seek to address.

Think globally and don’t say no to government support

If you know what problem you are solving, and what you bring to the table that is different and special, think big and do not be put off by better-funded start-ups with larger home markets. And there is a lot of government support available that is a good way to raise R&D funding and introduce you to a potentially important future customer.