David Coulthard: Full potential

Rachel Botsman's Trust Issues: Episode 07


David Coulthard is a British driving legend, with 13 Grand Prix titles to his name and no less than 62 podium finishes. So why is it that, a decade after his retirement from the track, it’s the losses, not the victories, that stick in the champion’s head?

David CoulthardThrough his chat with Rachel, David gives us an incredible insight into the Formula 1 mindset, sharing why racing at such a high level requires complete trust in both oneself and the team.

  • Interested in learning more about how a Formula 1 driver prepares for the track? Drive to Survive is available to watch on Netflix. The series trailer can be viewed here.
  • To learn more about David’s career, his website details the diverse and admirable ventures he has pursued since retiring from racing.
  • If you enjoyed David’s insights on how the mindset of an F1 driver can be a formula for success off-the-track, you’ll love his latest book The Winning Formula.


'I remember the losses, not the wins, because they are our biggest source of opportunity.'