Are we realising the full potential of AI in marketing?

Future Proof with Dr Natalia Efremova

Do marketers even know what 'AI' is capable of? Dr Natalia Efremova discusses this hot topic.

Can we use machine learning algorithms to better understand consumers? How they truly feel, simply by looking at their face or reading their Tweets? If not, why not? Dr Natalia Efremova of the University of Oxford talks about the current research, the potential of AI and machine learning, and the power it might have not only in marketing but in achieving social good. She also touches on why it’s so difficult to get sophisticated information from algorithms, how to avoid bias, and the importance of education in order to get this right.

Hosted by Andrew Stephen, L'Oreal Professor of Marketing at Saïd Business School (Oxford University) and Julie Kollman, Chief Research Officer at Kantar

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