The Application: A climate oriented mission

'It sounded pretty crazy to most people that we were going to catch a fireball and turn it into Bitcoins.'

The Application with Cully Cavness

When Cully Cavness came up with the idea of using the energy from oilfield gas flares to power super computers for bitcoin mining, he was told by one person ‘no version of this will ever work’. Fortunately, he found investors who were prepared to take the risk and Crusoe Energy Systems, of which Cully is Co-Founder, President and Chief Operating Officer, became a US unicorn, valued at $1.75 billion at its series C round. Today the company uses modular data centres on remote sites to become the customer of the energy that is captured from these wasted energy sources. 

Cully talks to Kathy Harvey about growing up in an oil and gas family, and the moment he realised he wanted to take his career in energy in a more climate-friendly direction.

He discusses the company’s new focus on AI and reflects on the balance between work, extreme sport and family life – which, since his conversation with Kathy, has been blessed with the safe arrival of his second child.


The Application is a podcast that tells us about our alumni – their background, what was the driver that caused them to apply for the Oxford Executive MBA (EMBA), what the turning points in their lives are, what their identity is and the tension that often embodies so much of our professional lives.

This year we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the EMBA programme and to mark this milestone, Kathy Harvey, Associate Dean, has stepped back behind the microphone with a number of our alumni to reflect on their journeys before, during and after their Executive MBA. 


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