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How to recruit our students

Advertise a vacancy

Employers can use our Careers@Saïd online system to post and manage an unlimited number of jobs, as well as set parameters for the job openings. The system can manage the applications, and send email reminders to employers when a student applies for a job, or when the posting is about to expire.

To use Careers@Saïd, please download a quick guide and follow the instructions. Please feel free to contact us with any queries.


Corporate presentations

This remains one of the most popular ways of meeting students. Sessions are usually in the evening, and we suggest you allow one hour for presentation and Q&A, followed by 30-45 minutes of general networking. 

We can also offer smaller, targeted events such as lunches, seminars, industry-specific panel discussions, and interviews where you can meet potential future hires. 

Student visits to corporate headquarters

You can invite a group of MBA students to your offices. These events have proved popular with MBAs in the past, as they are able to tour the corporate headquarters, learn about the different parts of the business and experience the company’s work culture. You can access to our student CV database and run detailed searches to focus on the students who meet your criteria, or we can help you. 

Projects and internships

Join other companies and offer a project or internship to our students to gain fresh insights on a current business problem and offer valuable work experience to students. 

Strategic consulting projects

In July and August, MBA teams of four students carry out consultancy projects in partnership with businesses. Projects focus on an issue of major importance to the future strategic direction of an organisation, or one of its divisions, and are carried out over a two-month period. Students are multi-lingual and globally mobile and can therefore operate effectively in any international environment. At the end of the project, you will receive practical recommendations in the format you require. In addition to covering expenses incurred in the project, you could decide to offer a performance bonus based on the team achieving objectives set by the organisation. More about strategic consulting projects

Appoint an intern

MBA and MFE students can choose to pursue an internship in July and August for a maximum period of eight weeks. These positions can be publicised via the events described above or by individual job postings.

Work with student societies

Each year students organise business focused societies known as Oxford Business Networks (OBNs). Working with OBNs is a good way for employers to meet students who have an expressed interest in their industry and who take a pro-active interest in organising and attending events with this focus. The leadership of OBNs is generally determined by late October, and we can facilitate an introduction to these groups.

Case competitions

You can offer a case competition to students to access their thoughts on current business initiatives and engage in a more academic setting. 

Student treks

Every April, groups of current MBA students undertake international careers treks to learn about business in those countries and network with companies of interest.

Recruitment calendar

When and how to engage with our top talent. 

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