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Water Management & Markets

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Water Management & Markets
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Video Produced by Spectrecom in collaboration with Smith School of Enterprise and Environment

Water Management and Markets was the third topic studied as part of the GOTO Project by MBA and Executive MBA students at Saïd Business School, 2015-16. Water security is a defining global challenge to society in the 21st century. Absent or unreliable water and sanitation services, unpredictable floods and droughts, and degraded ecosystems threaten the lives of many of the world’s population, and pose increasing risk to businesses and governments. Rapid changes such as climate change, population pressures, urbanization, and financial crises are presenting new challenges to the goal of achieving water security.

At the same time, the water security debate has been shifting from understanding our global water crisis in terms of physical scarcity to one deeply rooted in the mismanagement of our water resources. Although water is scarce, there is enough to provide water security for all - but only if we manage it adequately. Good water governance requires the involvement and integration of all sectors: public, private and non-profit.

In order to make smart and effective decisions, governments, businesses, international agencies, and investors must thus understand the current state of our water resources, and how these will change over the short and longer term.

The challenges are therefore significant - we argue however that its integration is not only necessary, but it also offers important opportunities. In this light, this event gathers leading experts from the water sector to discuss the science, management and governance of water; technological innovations; and how individuals can connect to the issue and create change.


Video Produced by Spectrecom in collaboration with Smith School of Enterprise and Environment

This short film goes through some of the key issues to examine when analyzing the corporate water risks and opportunities of an industry sector. Contributor: Professor Gordon Clark.

Video Produced by Spectrecom in collaboration with Smith School of Enterprise and Environment


This is the story of how one research project at Oxford University’s Department of Engineering has grown from strength to strength in scaling up its findings to commercial application whilst simultaneously contributing to a cleaner environment. Contributors: Professor Ian Thompson and his lab team.

As part of the GOTO project, both MBA and Executive MBA students were asked to identify an interview subject, with some knowledge in an industry sector of their choice, and composed a related research question. This question was then broken down into three or four short questions to put to the interviewee. The interviews conducted explained and communicated the water risks and opportunities in that particular industry sector. 
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