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GOTO: Water Management Interviews

Alice Korngold
Jyoti Chopra Interviews Alice Korngold for The GOTO Project.
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In this video, Executive MBA student Jyoti Chopra interviews author Alice Kornhold for the GOTO Water Management & Markets topic. Alice recently published a new book; A Better World, Inc: How Companies Profit by Solving Global Problems...where Governments Cannot. Her book looks at the role of the private sector in solving some of the world's most pressing issues around sustainability. This interview examines the intersection of technology, innovation and what some companies are doing to solve for water supplies and services around the world. 

Executive EMBA students each recorded interviews with individuals from one of a number of particular industries. Interviewees were asked to communicate the water risks and opportunities their companies were facing or might face in the future, in that specific industry sector. 


Arne Lorenzen interviews Lisa Ekstrand, Senior Policy Specialist from Vestas, the leading global wind turbine producer. Lisa explains how windpower plants can provide clean and CO2 emission free energy with no use of water.


Per Magne Sviggum conducts a short interview with Norman Kjærvik, Information officer at Statkraft. Norman explains how water resources for hydropower production are managed in Norway.


Tim Brantingham interviews Dr. Matt Durnin, Chairman of the China Jane Goodall Foundation. Dr Durnin speaks about the threats facing China's water future, and the potential folly of China's technological solution to it: building a massive south-to-north canal system.


Wayne Bowers interviews Simon Hughes, Deputy Director London - Environment Agency. Simon discusses the issues of London's current water supply and future demand, providing an understanding of how a smart water meter may influence and change the demand behaviour, enabling the continued growth and success of London as a city of choice for its inhabitants; be that individuals, investors and business members.

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