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The Skoll Centre and affiliated faculty from the Oxford Saïd Business School are involved in a range of research projects that advance knowledge for social entrepreneurship and systems change.


Twelve teaching case studies on Innovative Finance in Africa. The cases feature eighteen impact enterprises and sixteen funds from eleven countries across the continent. The sectors covered include agriculture, access to housing, access to health, access to finance, access to education, and water, sanitation and hygiene.
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Social innovations across Africa, Asia, Central and Latin America have been selected for further research, exposure and support, as part of a new TDR initiative to explore different ways to address infectious diseases of poverty.
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The aim of the Oxford for Impact project is to identify research being conducted in six priority issues, the findings of which can contribute significantly to guiding and accelerating the work of entrepreneurs working to address these complex challenges.
We are in an age of heropreneurship: everyone wants to “be” a social entrepreneur. The myth of the entrepreneur creates a false hierarchy with “start-up founder” at the top. We foster this obsession in our education, our funding, our awards, and our media. But we don’t just need more founders. We need more positive social impact.

Creating economic space for social innovation (CRESSI)

Alex Nicholls
Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship
February 2014 - January 2018
CRESSI will explore the economic underpinnings of social innovation with a particular focus on how policy and practice can enhance the lives of the most marginalized and dis-empowered citizens in society.
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