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Catalysing deep exchanges

Every year we organise a range of events seeking to catalyse deep exchanges with a global community of innovators: we connect social entrepreneurs with thought leaders and key players in business, government, and philanthropy to drive forward social impact.

Our major events

Emerge is an event for people who are committed to redefining the world in which we live. Each year, Emerge brings together students, young professionals, entrepreneurs, organisations and activists from across the globe to challenge the status quo, and share ideas for a more socially and environmentally responsible world. Visit the website for more information.


The Social Impact Careers Conference is an interactive day full of networking and learning from professionals who have chosen different impact-focused career paths. This is an opportunity for you to explore careers with a positive impact and possibly find your next job! Visit the website for more information.


The Skoll World Forum is the premier international platform for advancing entrepreneurial approaches and solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. The purpose of the event is to accelerate the impact of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs by uniting them with essential partners in a collaborative pursuit of learning, leverage, and large-scale social change. Visit the website for more information.


The seminar brings together thought leaders and practitioners from the academic, donor, microfinance, NGO, social entrepreneurial, government and private sector communities to identify timely issues in international development and how good governance can work to address those issues.

Each year, the seminar focuses on a specific theme designed to generate thought-provoking debate around a key challenge confronting governance in international development. Visit the website for more information.

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