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The MBA programme includes a variety of elective courses aimed at enhancing your CV or giving you knowledge in an area that you wish to develop.

Two of these courses are aimed at developing your thinking around social innovation.

Rethinking Business

Taught by Alex Nicholls and Marc Ventresca

Commercial activity today engages renewed societal challenges and opportunities, that rethink the standard institutions of Western markets, ownership and interests. Indeed it was a relatively brief historical century, when ‘business’ stood apart from the social in all its institutional, cultural and economic complexity. Today we experience the emergence of Capitalism 3.0 and a variety of experiments in business models, value creation through networks, rise of organiser consumer movements, innovation in venture finance and post-2008 basic challenges to the institutional foundations of economics, finance and commerce. Rethinking Business explores these new models of business in the context of the shifting linkages between markets, government and communities.

These changing configurations establish different conditions for value creation, for innovation and for successful enterprise; they are also associated with alternative forms of human purpose, governance and social provision.

Social Finance

Taught by Alex Nicholls

The objective of this course is to explore the nature and range of the global markets for capital for social enterprises and socially motivated businesses. The academic approach will be multi-disciplinary, touching on quantitative financial analysis, strategy, organisational behaviour and social and ethical considerations.

The course takes the form of lectures, discussions and case studies. As well as academic analysis and framing of the issues the course includes a range of guest speakers from relevant organizations. Students will complete the class knowing the issues, debates and techniques in this field, but also the key “movers and shakers” and the firms and organisations they have built or represent.


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