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Leading for Impact

Leading for Impact is a programme exclusively offered to University of Oxford postgraduate students. The two-phase programme will help exceptional students who are committed to social impact to both develop as more effective leaders, and gain some on-the-ground entrepreneurial experience.

This is a rewarding programme that involves a substantial time commitment as it combines weekend 'advances' throughout the academic year with an intensive summer project. The academic year-long offering allows for both personal development and hands-on experiential learning while solving a real world challenge.

  • Are you eager to develop your personal leadership and entrepreneurial skills?
  • Are you excited to be a part of an innovative learning community?
  • Are you looking for a hands-on experience dealing with a real world problem?
  • Then, this programme is made for YOU.

We seek applications from:

  • Students who are eager to learn about and commit to social impact careers who also wish to develop their personal leadership, business development, and teamwork skills.
  • Graduate students across Oxford who are preparing for their next career moves as well as exceptional third year undergraduates who have a clear commitment to social impact careers.
  • People who are committed to initiating and organising student-led events across Oxford and are looking for a group of like minded DOers.
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