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Celebrating Oxford Saïd Impact Careers

Are you a Saïd Business School alumnus/a pursuing a high-impact career? If so, we’d love to hear about it.

We work to be a 'world-class business school community, embedded in a world-class university, tackling world-scale problems' and to achieve that, we need to know what global and local problems our alumni are tackling.

Help us acknowledge your impact and build our community

Fill out this form to let us know about your impact after graduation and how you are using your career to address social or environmental challenges, regardless of whether or not you have started or work in a social business. We are seeking to track, recognise, and celebrate a whole range of high-impact careers. If you are an Oxford Saïd alumnus pursuing an impact-focused career, working in any sector, tell us about it - we want to be part of your journey! We know there are many of you who are pursuing careers in the public, corporate, and entrepreneurial sectors who are dedicated to fostering new ways of thinking and operating – ways that take into account the wide and complex challenges facing society. By sharing your story you enable us to connect you to our current students’ efforts and your alumni peers.

We want to celebrate and recognise a number of alumni who are helping us live our School motto. To do this, we:

  1. are offering one high-impact alumnus/a a ticket* to the 2018 Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship. This is an invitation only event and will be an opportunity for the recipient to network with other social entrepreneurs, leading thought leaders, and key partners who aim to advance large-scale social change.
  2. will celebrate several high-impact alumni by providing their travel and accommodation to bring them back to Oxford to be recognised at an award** ceremony in February 2018 (date TBC).  

Update – Nominate – Celebrate

Tell us about your high impact career or use the form to also nominate other classmates. Submissions are accepted throughout the year, but to be considered for recognition in the 2018 award ceremony, please submit your form by 20 November 2017. Submissions after this date will be considered for next year’s celebration.

To be considered for the Oxford Saïd Impact Careers Award, you should meet the following criteria:

  1. Successful candidates will have spearheaded important initiatives on their own or within existing organisations, with proof of positive social or environmental outcomes.
  2. Oxford Saïd Graduates may self-nominate or be nominated by another alumnus/a of a Saïd Business School degree or diploma programme. All graduates of Saïd Business School degree and diploma programmes, who completed their course two or more years prior to nomination, can be nominated for recognition (for this round of recognition, the candidate will need to have graduated in 2015 or before).
  3. Selections will be made based on evidence of prolonged/deep commitment to solving a particular social or environmental problem, complexity and seriousness of the problem tackled, understanding of the problem, evidence of having created a positive impact on the problem, and involvement with Oxford Saïd and/or the Skoll Centre.
  4. Alumni of ANY year are welcome to fill out the form to keep the Skoll Centre and the wider Saïd Business School up-to-date on their impact career, whether or not they’d like to be considered for recognition.  Previous applicants are welcome to reapply.

* The Skoll World Forum ticket is non-transferable.
**Up to two nights of accommodation will be provided, as well as flights to Oxford from the awardee’s destination of residence (or lesser value flight).  The award includes recognition at a ceremony at Saïd Business School and appropriate publicity, but the award itself does not have monetary value.

Oxford Impact Journey

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