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Initiated in 2013 at the request of the Skoll Foundation, the aim of the Oxford for Impact project is to identify research being conducted in six priority issue areas for the Foundation, the findings of which can significantly contribute to guide and accelerate the work of entrepreneurs working to address these challenges.

Many of these entrepreneurs are not privy to cutting edge research, nor are they in a position to inform the sorts of research questions which need to be addressed to improve their practice. Likewise, it is an opportunity to test researchers’ hypotheses with some of the most successful entrepreneurs, hopefully bringing even greater impact to the work of both.

The six issue areas are:

  1. Environmental sustainability:  Arresting Deforestation; Shelter and Infrastructure; Water Management; Clean Energy
  2. Education:  Early Childhood Education; Primary, Secondary, and/or Post-Secondary Education; Education for Women and Girls
  3. Economic opportunity:  Livelihoods; Access to Capital; Youth Job Skills; Smallholder Productivity
  4. Health: Health Delivery; Integrated Health Care; Health Products and Technology; Water Access; Sanitation Access
  5. Peace and human rights:  Peace; Human Rights; International Justice
  6. Sustainable markets:  Supply-Chain Management; Certification Standards; Clean Energy; Access to Capital

Results: Over 70 leading Oxford faculty - each renowned for their research efforts in one or more of the six issue areas - have been interviewed. You can read about the some of our contributing faculty below - all 70 of the profiles of the faculty interviewed will be posted throughout Spring 2014. Faculty interviewees included:

Dr Hugo Slim - Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law & Armed Conflict

Dr Constance McDermott - Environmental Change Institute, Oxford

Professor Leigh Payne - St Antony's College, Oxford

Dr Masooda Bano - Oxford Department of International Development

Impact Essays: Approximately 20 of those faculty who were interviewed have been invited to submit essays that draw on their knowledge to deepen our understanding of the research landscape. Each of these essays relates to one or more of the six issue areas above and provides valuable, accessible insight into these important topics. 

Read the Impact Essays.