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To help facilitate and nurture the development of research and talent the Skoll Centre runs a number of awards, grants, and competitions that are open to a variety of individuals and teams. 

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The Skoll Venture Awards are awarded to alumni/students of the School who demonstrate a deep understanding of the problem they seek to address, and whose ventures are deemed to have high potential to create large-scale social impact.
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The Global Challenge is a chance for students and recent graduates to learn more about the issues they care about and present their findings to the world. Tackling global challenges starts with understanding a problem and its wider context, rather than jumping straight into a business plan or an idea for a quick fix.
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Apprenticing with a Problem supports individuals to further develop their understanding of a complex social or environmental challenge through experiential learning and deep immersion. Candidates must have submitted an entry to The Global Challenge that year in order to apply.
Available to doctoral and post-doctoral students (or other similar research position) at the University of Oxford. Applicants must submit proposals that align with the Centre’s research mission to advance theories of social entrepreneurship and its practical applications to address critical social, economic and environmental challenges
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