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Dr Sudhir Anand

Position: Professor of Economics

Primary Institution: Department of Economics

Expertise for Impact

Sudhir Anand is a renowned, policy-focused development economist. He researches theoretical, empirical and conceptual issues in health inequality and is well-known for his work on the capabilities approach, an economic theory focused on what individuals are capable of doing. His work on the distribution of healthcare workers in India and China informs comparisons of healthcare access and inequality between and within states. His other health research focuses on the extent to which human resources for health matter in explaining health outcomes. Anand also developed a methodology to account of the increasing and irreversible costs of failing to respond to the needs of children; this ‘cost of inaction’ conceptual framework was applied to case studies in Rwanda and Angola.

Anand is extremely influential in a number of fields which span education, economy, healthcare and human security, and he influences debate at the highest level: his recent book was introduced by the President of the World Bank.


Sudhir Anand is a world-recognized development microeconomist and the current Research Director of Global Equity Initiative at the Harvard University. He has published widely on inequality, poverty, and undernutrition; human development; population ethics; health economics; and the theory and measurement of economic inequality. After finishing his MA in mathematics and BPhil and DPhil in economics from the University of Oxford, Anand joined the Faculty of Economics at Oxford University, where he is currently Professor of Economics. Anand chaired the WHO Scientific Peer Review Group on health systems performance assessment, and has been a member of various WHO advisory committees.

His other affiliations include Advisor to Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative and Co-Director of the Initiative for Policy Dialogue Program on Poverty, Columbia University. Anand is the author of numerous books and journal articles. 

Impact Area: Health, Education

Impact Sub-Area: Health Delivery, Early Childhood to Primary Education

Primary Region(s) of Impact: Global

Relevant Publication

Anand, S. (2008). What Do We Know about Global Income Inequality? Journal of Economic Literature 46(1), 57-94. 

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