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Walmart empowering women together

Women weaving baskets.


Walmart has commissioned an independent global study to assess the impact of its Empowering Women Together (EWT) initiative, with a view to developing a measurement system to monitor progress.  The EWT program, now working with 30 businesses in 13 countries on four continents, is intended to provide market access to small woman-owned and woman-led businesses.  Because the businesses are small and many are in developing countries, the approach is to introduce the Walmart consumer market beginning with the online portal and building gradually from there. 

Empowering Women Together creates an unprecedented opportunity to discover the benefits and obstacles encountered when trying to integrate small businesses owned by women into the global marketplace. On the massive scale potential offered by the world’s largest retailer, Linda Scott and her team can study the effects on women from consumer to supplier.


The purpose of the first year is to visit each of the participating businesses in North America and East Africa to learn about the structure, resources, intentions, and obstacles that typify the EWT suppliers in both developed and developing contexts, then to begin formulating the appropriate measures.


Linda Scott, DP World Chair for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Saïd Business School
Catherine Dolan, School of Oriental and African Studies University of London
Laurel Steinfield, Doctoral student Saïd Business School

Research outputs

Women's Empowerment through Access to Markets: Katchy Kollections, Nairobi, Kenya September 2014

Linda Scott, Laurel Steinfield, Catherine Dolan


Women's Empowerment through Access to Markets: Women's Bean Project, Denver, USA September 2014

Linda Scott, Catherine Dolan, Laurel Steinfield, Lina Rothman


Women's Empowerment through Access to Markets: Maasai Women Development Organisation (MWEDO), Arusha, Tanzania May 2015

Linda Scott, Catherine Dolan, Laurel Steinfield


The Maasai Women Development Organization Teaching Case. A case study on bringing an ancient craft to contemporary consumers, developed for Power Shift 2015.

Linda Scott, Catherine Dolan, Laurel Steinfield


Advisory Note on Measures: Women's Economic Empowerment 2016

Linda Scott with Anna Custers, Catherine Dolan, Mary Johnstone-Louis, Daria Luchinskaya, Ama Marston, Kelly Northridge, Lina Rothman, Laurel Steinfield


Incorporating Small Producers into Formal Supply Chains 2016 (William Davidson Institute at University of Michigan, Oxford University Consulting report)

Ted London, Linda Scott, Colm Fay


November 2013 - October 2015


Walmart, Inc.

Research projects

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