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Case studies: Driving purpose from the bottom up


Session Three: Driving Purpose from the bottom up

The Forum is based on a series of cases that describe specific examples of the ways in which companies have attempted to adopt responsible approaches to business. Responsible companies in this context satisfy two criteria: (a) they expound explicit purposes or values that reflect objectives beyond pure financial performance, and (b) they demonstrate a serious commitment to implementing them through their ownership, governance, leadership, and management practices. 

Implementation is illustrated by the presentation at the Forum of cases that record the nature of the activity, how it is undertaken and how it is reflected in human, social, and environmental as well as financial benefits. The cases illustrate examples of failure to implement responsible activities as well as successes.

The case studies in this session are experimenting with innovative social programmes via business piloting, feeding information back into the main business to influence change from the bottom up.

Al Sanabel - The Hura Model: pioneering purposeful business models

Dr Mohammed Al-Nabari, Social Investor and Itzik Zivan, CEO Al-Sanabel

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Danone Ecosystem - A stronger ecosystem for a stronger company   

Olivier Pierredon General Manager of Sarihusada, Indonesia, Danone Professor Frédéric Dalsace Associate Professor, HEC 

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Mars, Incorporated  - Taking economics of mutuality into unexplored territory: a business case of doing good & doing well  … at scale

Clara Shen Catalyst Director of Emerging Markets, Mars, Incorporated

Ian Burton President, Asia Pacific, Wrigley Co Ltd., a subsidiary of Mars, Incorporated

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