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The Responsible Business Forum is part of a multi-year joint research programme between Saïd Business School and the Catalyst think tank at Mars, Incorporated. Established in June 2014, the Mutuality in Business joint research partnership has focused on the development of a business management theory for the Economics of Mutuality with corresponding teaching curriculum, new management practices, and case study research.

The research programme has combined the pursuit of normative questions – what is mutuality and how should it be enacted? – with grounded, ethnographic research on current thinking and practices. This has led to the development of field experiments and case studies examining how large corporate actors conceive of and pursue responsible business practices, and how these relate to their financial and social per formance. To date, this research has been undertaken with Mars Catalyst, but in 2016 it expanded to include work by Danone Ecosystem and it is envisaged that other companies will participate in the research programme in the future.