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The Mars and Saïd Business School collaboration

Group signing with Mars

Standing, left-right: Arlo Brady, Barry Parkin, Kelly McGrail, Frank Akers, Jay Jakub, Colin Mayer, Ruth Yeoman, Bruno Roche, John Hoffmire. 

Sitting, left-right: Stephen Badger and Dean Peter Tufano

Saïd Business School, Oxford University and Mars Inc. have embarked upon a pioneering, multi-year research partnership to look at mutuality as a business model. The objective of the collaboration is to better understand the value of mutuality and its application in different organisational and economic contexts. The research seeks to develop a new business management theory based around mutuality, aiming to inform the future business education curriculum and stimulate new thinking on how business can better society.

This is a fitting and timely collaboration. Mutuality is at the heart of Mars’ business and has been since 1947, when Forrest E. Mars Sr. wrote that business should promote a ‘mutuality of services and benefits among all stakeholders.’ Mutuality has allowed Mars to define success in much broader terms than just profit. Beyond Mars, there is a growing belief that a mutual way of doing business is the responsible way to lead and to grow. Fittingly, Saïd Business School has been at the forefront of exploring the role of business in social enterprise and positive social change.

The collaborative research programme will build on Mars’s thinking and experience as a company committed to mutuality and the academic expertise of the Saïd Business School. In addition, incorporated into the project will be findings from Mars’ internal think tank, Mars Catalyst, on how to measure mutuality.

In the news

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22 June 2017

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‘Just as nature abhors a vacuum, so businesses crave certainty — or at least the absence of chaos,’ writes the FT’s John Derbyshire in an article exploring the value of ethical business practices in the light of Brexit. He names Colin Mayer among those who believe that ‘the truly responsible business is… a social enterprise.’

Financial Times
April 2017 Completing Capitalism: heal business to heal the world, by Bruno Roche and Jay Jakub with foreword by Colin Mayer CBE, published Completing Capitalism
27 April 2017 27 April Kate Roll and Catherine Dolan presented Seeing Like a Corporation: Remoteness and Route-to-Market Programmes at the Bottom of the Pyramid  Infrastructures of Inclusion Workshop, LSE, London
November 2016

Kate Roll, appointed Fellow of the Global Future Council 

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27 September 2016

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