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Knowledge mobilisation

Sue Dopson and Louise Fitzgerald are collaborating on themes of knowledge mobilisation. To date, much of our research has been in the public sector and across the broadly defined health economy. However, with our research colleagues in the UK and internationally, we are interested in extending the scope of our work. 

Themes in our research

Knowledge mobilisation: Researching the processes of knowledge utilisation. From our prior research, we have described the process as 'knowledge transposition'. This research now requires extension, for example, how do managers and professionals select, interpret and use the knowledge they acquire? How do they integrate experiential and ‘academic’ or research based knowledge?

Organisational learning: Researching the issues associated with the ‘spread’ of well-founded organisational initiatives which have demonstrably had a positive impact in one organisation or unit of an organisation.

Inter-organisational networks: Exploring the many policy initiatives, globally, which have sought to create networks of organisations for inter-organisational knowledge mobilisation. Within the UK, this includes examining how novel organisations, such as the Academic Health Sciences Centres, Academic Health Science Networks and CLAHRCs (Collaboration for Applied Health Research and Care) can facilitate and accelerate the processes of knowledge mobilisation both within and between sectors.

Knowledge leadership: in what ways and how effectively can management learning increase knowledge sharing and mobilisation, knowledge leadership, and executive leadership development? We are especially interested in post-graduate education, executive education and capacity building within and between organisations.

Research outputs

Health care managers’ access and use of management research Download research
Facilitating knowledge exchanges between healthcare sectors, organisations and professions: Studying ‘boundary spanning’ processes and their impact on health care quality Download research
Inter-Epistemic Power & Transforming Knowledge Objects in a Biomedical Network Download research


April 2014 - March 2019