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John Y. Campbell, Tarun Ramadorai, Benjamin Ranish


Getting Better of Feeling Better? How Equity Investors Respond to Investment Experience

Latest Version: March 2014


Cristian Badarinza, Tarun Ramadorai


Preferred Habitats and Safe Haven Effects: Evidence from the London Housing Market

Latest Version: March 2014


John Y. Campbell, Tarun Ramadorai, Benjamin Ranish


How Do Regulators Influence Mortgage Risk? Evidence from an Emerging Market

Latest Version: July 2013


Cristian Badarinza, John Y. Campbell, Tarun Ramadorai


What Calls to ARMs? International Evidence on Interest Rates and the Choice of Adjustable-Rate Mortgages

Latest Version: June 2013

Household Finance Web Resource

This is a new web resource which brings together information about datasets, meta-data, authors, and papers relevant to the study of household finance around the world. The website is accessible without any need to login. 

The goal is to reduce barriers to entry for research in household finance. In order to add and edit content, however, you will be required to log in. You can request a new log in directly from the site.

Household research


Explore how household financial markets (such as mortgage, pension, and risky asset markets) are set up around the world, and whether there are international best practices that can be established.

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