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The Digital Research and Development Fund for the Arts is a strategic partnership between the Programme Partners, to support research and development projects that use digital technology to enhance arts audiences reach in new ways and/ or explore new business models for arts organisations to promote the sustainability of arts organisations with merit for the benefit of the public.


The Activities shall form part of the Project, as described below and further detailed in the Art Fund's proposal for the same. The Art Fund will use the Nesta Grant to explore whether a single aggregated ticketing system open to museums of all kinds nationally is viable and to define the optimum business model and performance metrics for the system (the "Project"). More specifically, the Art Fund will, as part of the Project:

  • identify comparable aggregation models in other sectors nationally and other museums internationally and use this to define the optimum business model;
  • develop a prototype datahub with a suite of open-source Application Programming Interface (API's), content feds, widget plug-ins and e-commerce functionality (the "Platform"). The Platform will collect and share events and ticketing inventories for multiple museums and affiliates;
  • test the Platform with a group of a minimum of 15 pathfinder museums;
  • develop the case for the sector to adopt ticket aggregation and the Platform for future development; and
  • develop the optimum business model for a museum ticket aggregator which defines tangible business processes, including income and expenditure forecasts and a charging model.


Pegram Harrison, Fellow in Entrepreneurship Saïd Business School


June 2014 - September 2015



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