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31 January 2018
Main findings from the CrESSI project completed in January 2018. The research explored the drivers of marginalisation across Europe from both a novel theoretical and empirical perspective.
28 February 2018
Some of the activities that partners are carrying on to strenghten the impact of the project.
31 January 2018
The CrESSI documentary 'Air beneath their wings' by Justus Lodemann explores the topic of marginalisation and social innovation closely following two approaches: the Hungarian Way-out-Program to tackle the exclusion and marginalization of Roma communities; and Open access to credit, to teach financial literacy to young people and marginalised.
22 February 2018
New publications from CrESSI partners: Atlas of Social Innovation – New Practices for a Better Future and Open Journal of Sociopolitical Studies.
31 January 2018
Videorecording of presentations and power points of the CrESSI final conference held in Oxford on 26th January are now available for download.
16 November 2017
University of Oxford has just published Working Paper n.41/2017 on EU Policy Recommendations and Guidelines Report on Social Innovation.
10 October 2017
The webinar will present preliminary results from the EU-research project and will focus mainly on the empirical survey with innovators and beneficiaries across three European social innovation cases introducing methods and results of this approach. Moreover, the approach will be critically contrasted with insights and findings from TRANSIT.
12 September 2017
A special issue for the JoSE, edited by von Jacobi, Nicholls and Chiappero-Martinetti, explores the role of social innovation for overcoming marginalization and exclusion. The issue offers new empirical and theoretical material with which to explore social innovation as a driver of structural, socio-hierarchical change.
17 July 2017
The Social Innovation Toolkit for local youth groups aims to promote empowerment and online collaboration among European Youth, with a core focus on young people between 16 to 25 years of age.
13 July 2017
Ziegler, Rafael. 2017. “Social innovation as a collaborative concept.”, published in Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research 1-18.
06 July 2017
The Youth Network for River Action launches the The Wild River Youth Camp in Slovenia, Soča valley - September 22.-28. 09. 2017. 32 youths between 18 and 28 years old, from 13 countries will come to Tolmin, Slovenia for a week of group work on water conservation.
16 May 2017
'How to facilitate the growth of different kinds of social innovation.' The policy paper explores how public policy agendas might better cultivate social innovation to enhance the lives of the most marginalized and disempowered citizens in Europe.
09 May 2017
Lara Maestripieri (CrESSI Pavia) and her colleagues Davide Arcidiacono, Yuna Chiffoleau, Allison Loconto and Antonello Podda invite submissions for a special session on Prosumers and Social Innovation in Alternative Food Networks at the XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology, in Toronto, 2018.
09 May 2017
Enrica Chiappero-Martinetti, Christopher Houghton-Budd and Rafael Ziegler have edited the first multi-authored discussion of social innovation and the capability approach for the Journal of Human Development and Capabilities. It includes eight research articles as well as three policy briefs.
08 May 2017
This new book, edited by Hans-Uwe Otto, Spyidon Pantazis, Holger Ziegler and Antoanneta Potsi, examines human development in times of crisis, and its effect on social justice and democracy. It focuses on the delay in developmental progress caused by the ‘Great Recession’, the worst economic crisis in decades.
03 May 2017
Drawing on an empirical study of four SIBs in the UK context, the paper explores operation and effects of private social investment in outcome-based commissioning. SIBs have a number of unique and unintended effects on service innovation, social outcomes, future cost savings and additionality.
31 March 2017
This policy brief responds to the increasing insight that systemic change will not be driven by technology only but that it also depends on social innovation, which consequently impact on capabilities and practices as well as on institutions, social networks and collective cognitive frames.
20 February 2017
Comparative case analysis – learning from historic case studies for current social innovations in social housing, fresh water supply, and beyond.
22 March 2017
On 22nd March 2017, Delft University of Technology held a Financial Literacy Seminar to a cohort of students at Edge School of Creative and Business East Kent College, Folkestone (UK), as part of their Level 3 studies in Personal and Business Finance.
31 January 2017
Nadia von Jacobi presented at the first Italian get-together of economic sociologists, the New Frontiers of Economic Sociology Conference in Rome, 26 to 28 January 2017
27 January 2017
A new CrESSI working paper - Theoretical foundations of social innovation in finance - examines whether public-private 'hybrids' are able to provide an alternative source of funds for social innovation.
10 January 2017
The (a)politics of social innovation policy in Europe: Implications for socio-structural change and power relations
10 January 2017
Public policy, social innovation and marginalisation in Europe: A comparative analysis of three cases
23 December 2016
European Youth Network to create a river action toolbox with the help of GETIDOS (CrESSI-Greifswald).
22 December 2016
Origins, operation and effects of public policies designed to support the development of social co-operatives in the Hungarian context
14 December 2016
27 January 2017. Join us for an event exploring how social innovation policy can better address inequality and marginalisation.
01 December 2016
Lara Maestripieri (CrESSI-University of Pavia) and Davide Arcidiacono (Catholic University of Milan) will organize a session on ‘Pro-sumers on the move. Resilience, cooperation and social innovation of active consumers for a new economy’ at the Italian Society for Economic Sociology's conference from 26 to 28 January 2017.
23 November 2016
Rafael Ziegler (CrESSI, University of Greifswald) participated in the roundtable on economic and social impact of social innovation.
21 November 2016
A new CrESSI report draws on long-term historical case studies of social housing, freshwater supply and access to education based on historic examples and an empirically driven typology on types of Social Innovation
18 November 2016
Tackling Homelessness through Social Innovation: The Paavo Housing Programme in Finland
22 July 2016
How and when does speech-acting generate social innovations
22 July 2016
Social and Business Innovations: Are Common Measurement Approaches Possible?
10 July 2016
Lara Maestripieri - CRESSI research fellow at University of Pavia - presenting the preliminary results of the empirical investigation on social innovation in three countries (DE, IT and NL).
3 June 2016
In a recent interview, Daniel Edmiston introduced some of the CrESSI research findings concerning the possibilities and limits of social innovation and social impact bonds in different European welfare regimes.
29 April 2016
Tackling Marginalisation through Social Innovation? Examining the EU Social Innovation Policy Agenda from a Capabilities Perspective
29 April 2016
CRESSI partners recently facilitated a practitioner seminar on social impact bonds as part of the Euclid Network Summit in Zagreb, Croatia.
Summer 2015
2015 is the year when the main objectives of the European Water Framework Directive should have been met. To mark this goal, CRESSI members have prepared a toolkit for social innovation in the water sector.
July 2015
A summary of the main findings of these case studies was released in July 2015.
May 2015
This CRESSI EU Seminar, hosted at NESTA, took place in London on Wednesday, 6 May 2015.
Spring 2015
The CRESSI project is contributing to the HDCA group on technology, innovation and design for human capabilities.
Spring 2015
CRESSI is pleased to be a collaborative partner in the conference - "Social Innovation 2015: Pathways to Social Change - Research, policies and practices in European and global perspectives" - which will be held in Vienna on 18-19 November 2015.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 613261.

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